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Engaging graphic design and informative motion graphics meet thoughtful illustration and fun animation, by graphic designer Seán Flanagan.

An enthusiasm for continual improvement and an expanding multi-faceted set of creative skills that produces a broad but distinctive body of work.


A selection of my projects can be browsed in the catalogue below.



I’ve developed a personal typeface, as an extension of my logo design, for use in large header text throughout the website, and other typographic applications such as business cards. As is the case with the logo that it is based upon, the cubular aesthetic of the typeface is intended to reflect my multi-faceted design skillset.

This KYOOB typeface has a geometric, futuristic appearance that wouldn’t look out of place adorning the spaceships of the pulp science fiction paintings of Chris Foss.

I feel it works best used at large scale in short lines of text, staggered horizontally so that they fit neatly into each other.




Digital Ireland – Brave Media

  • Camera: EOS5D

Promotional motion graphic video for, designed to create awareness of the importance of an online presence for retailers.

Music is Montmartre by Jahzzar, used under commercial attribution copyright.

Digital Marketing – Brave Media

Promotional motion graphic video for, highlighting the benefits of digital marketing in an engaging, upbeat way.

Content Marketing Infographic – Brave Media

Content Marketing Infographic – Brave Media

Adyuka is an online item bookmarking service that allows users to compare similar products and share them with friends prior to committing to a purchase. I was asked to create a promotional video for their website and marketing material that would thoroughly explain the service, and serve as a starting point for their as-yet undeveloped identity. I sat down with the client and worked out some concept sketches and a rough voiceover narrative off of their requests. I then storyboarded the keyframes, from which I produced an animatic which was sent to the client for confirmation, before going ahead with producing the final product, in a process that took about two weeks from start to finish.

The video uses a combination of kinetic type and lighthearted animation to highlight the overwhelming selection of products to be found online, proposing as a convenient aid and outlining how the service works.

The client’s marketing specialist wanted to primarily target female shoppers in the United State, specifically mothers or expectant mothers, and this is reflected with a feminine colour scheme and example products that lean towards the female market, as well as a conversational female voiceover with a neutral American accent. A light and airy tone is reinforced with friendly illustrations and elements that bounce into place.

Throughout the video, type and backgrounds scroll in and out of frame in a manner that evokes the intended behaviour of the Adyuka browser plugin. The Adyuka logo is animated in a manner that reflects its clockface-style design, referencing the time-saving nature of the service.


Connectors Marketplace

Connectors Marketplace is a startup, whose aim is to provide an online service allowing well-connected professionals to recommend individuals within their circles to available jobs in exchange for a finders’ fee.

As part of my internship with Connectors Marketplace, I was asked to produce a promotional animated video. The aim of the video is to simultaneously attract new users to the service through social media marketing, and also to educate current users within the website as to how the service works.

The challenge when producing the video was to market its benefits to the “connectors”, while also making the service attractive to employers and job seekers. Additionally the message was to be delivered in a manner that was straightforward and businesslike that reflected the website’s identity and colour palette, which at the time was being updated from a previous iteration and was still under development.


A new landing page of the service had been designed, and I was tasked with redesigning the remainder of the website to bring them in line with the new appearance and encompassing planned new features such as user achievements and a ranking system, without making major changes to the wireframes. This entailed replacing the previous old-fashioned gradient blue identity with a flatter, more touch-friendly interface more in-line with current web design, and increasing the prominence of user profiles.


Moore’s Law dictates that every eighteen months, computer processing power doubles, and halves in cost as microchip engineering improves, making technology ever more accessible and useful.

Advance is a theoretical micro-exhibit that takes place in the Science Gallery, as part of Dublin European City of Science 2012. Its aims are to highlight the impact of Moore’s Law on society and the increasing accessibility and beneficial uses of computers that began with the invention of the microchip in the 1950s, and create awareness
among secondary school students to the importance of the knowledge economy. The title, Advance, is both a description of the evolutionary process of Moore’s Law and a suggestion to the viewer.

The focal point of the exhibit is a short infographic animated feature detailing the usage of computers across various decades, beginning in the 1950s and ending in a hypothesised future. Each decade is represented by a short sequence depicted in an aesthetic evocative of the era, in which a computer is used to solve a problem.The overarching identity of the project draws from the fractal look associated with modern digital broadcast and web video streaming.

T-Shirt Illustrations

T-Shirt Illustrations


The Nerd Primer

The Nerd Primer

This project aimed to explore what constitutes a “nerd” and whether or not it has to be so rigidly defined in a contemporary society, and may instead be allowed to encompass a broad spectrum. Book as a handbook guide for those wishing to become a “real nerd”, offering guidelines, fandom examples (eg Trekkies, trainspotters, DC/Marvel), advice. Ostensibly the book is produced by nerds, using their knowledge of obscure sci-fi and fantasy etc to expand the horizons of the casually interested, showing them how deep the rabbit-hole goes. A pseudonym character is portrayed as the “author” of the book.

Appropriation of traditionally cultural-outcast or downtrodden stereotypes, lifestyles or terms of insult into a fashionable or popular image is an oft-recurring point of contention throughout modern history, and the popularity of superficial geek-chic in certain social tribes is frequently a topic of internet blogs and discussion boards. With the genuine increasingly widespread popularity of superhero movies, video games, computers, gadgets and so on no longer being niche or outsider interests as they once were, does it matter who wishes to identify themselves as a nerd or geek in current society?




The client brief called for a brochure that unfolds to a poster to advertise the IADT Dun Laoghaire MA in Visual Arts Practice to prospective students, as well as potential guest lecturers. The Masters course looks for artists and academics with some professional
experience who wish to improve their studies. The course is divided into three categories which overlap; art creation, curation, and criticism.


I struck on the idea of overlapping the letters that make up the word MAVIS to create an interesting composition in primary colours with a sense of depth that hint at art practices without needing to reference a particular piece. The header typeface is Futura and body copy is rendered in Courier.


When adapting the Taschen magazine to an iPad format, I decided to make up a primary navigation system based on the visual language used throughout the print publication – a recur- ring motif of squares arranged in a grid, the colours gold, white, and black, and serif type. Each article in the magazine is given a tile which when selected, takes the user to the appropriate page.

Catalogue pages have been given their own separate heading at the end of the menu, as I felt that the classic layout mixing articles with book advertisements breaks up the flow of the magazine. Upon opening the magazine app, the user is presented with a pseudo-3D effect for the cover page – tilting the iPad causes the device’s accelerometers to shift the page elements around, allowing the user to look behind them and see “more”. This could be seen to reflect the heavily information and image based nature of the majority of Taschen’s publica- tions, but in addition it also provides a neat interactive gimmick which encourages people to use the app.

After progressing through the cover page, the user is presented with the primary navigation menu listing the various articles of the magazine, as well as providing space for additional blog posts by magazine contributors which may be downloaded automatically and added to the list as they are written. Within the article environment, there is a secondary navigation bar which remains present at the bottom of the screen. It contains buttons which when pressed, return the user to the primary menu, skip to the previous article, go back a page, go forward a page, skip to the next article, and toggle floating text on images. In addition, the user can navigate through pages using two- finger swipe gestures. In the catalogue environment, there is the addition of an add-to cart feature. Pressing one finger on an advertised book brings up a lightbox displaying a larger cover image, as well as book and pricing information. Pressing the add-to-cart icon adds the book to the user’s shopping list, which may be tied to an account on the Taschen website. In addition, listed underneath is a variety of similar books which the user might also wish to purchase.

The Good

The brief called for the production of a film opening title sequence for student film “The Good”, directed by Jennifer Moylan. The film is a story about a young man who has reached a crossroads in his life when he discovers a talent for writing, and must decide whether or not to allow his friend to pull him down a chaotic path of destruction and wrongdoing.

I chose to produce an abstract visual language that reflect themes of writing and schoolwork present in the film. The protagonist is depicted as a straight blue line moving through a landscape of soft ruled lines taken from school copybooks. The friend character is represented by an erratically-moving red line which repeatedly blocks the path of the blue line, forcing it to change direction and move at a right-angle to the flow of the landscape lines.


The mockup for DVD packaging follows this aesthetic. Inspired by the spiral-bound student journals issued to me in secondary school, I chose to use a half-Canadian bind. Textured card was used in the construction of the main body, as it evoked the rough paper of school copybooks without actually being as inexpensive. The folding construction of the final packaging allows for the wide panoramic landscape used in the title sequence to be stretched across the total width. It also incorporates the cover page.



Outline for a self-authored animated science-fiction short set in the aftermath of a disastrous colonisation attempt of an alien desert planet, in which a teenage girl travels to a nomadic city to trade supplies and falls foul of the locals.

In pre-production, with art direction, storyboard, and character designs to be finalised; intention is for combination of two-dimensional animation with three-dimensional renderings used for vehicles and mechanical objects. Character and graphic design evoking early-90s grunge-rock aesthetics.




An self-authored animated short, currently in production, about a boy who follows a knight through a magical gateway into a dangerous labyrinth.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling


This page will be revised often with new projects and progress updates on ongoing ones, so check back soon!

About Seán Flanagan

I’m a graphic designer living in Dublin, Ireland.
A multi-faceted skillset in content creation that covers graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, animation, and 3D modelling affords me great versatility in my work. I have experience in promotional and informational video design, branding, design and layout for print, interface design, and professional illustration.

In my free time when I’m not designing, juggling personal passion projects, or learning how to do new creative things, I like to doodle, play videogames with friends, eat pizza, watch cartoons, and read lots of books and comics.

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